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[Fall Leaves Information] Remains of the Enmanin Temple Gate

The Remains of the Enmanin Temple Gate have a history dating back more than one thousand years.
This temple was founded approximately one thousand years ago, during the Heian period (794 - 1185), and is located next to Mii-dera Temple.


This awe-inspiring thatched roof Shinden is a shoin-zukuri style architecture building that was moved from the Kyoto Imperial Palace in 1647, and is a designated Important Cultural Property.


The garden to the south of the Shinden is a designated place of Scenic Beauty and Historical Site, with the brilliant crimson leaves reflecting gorgeously in the lake during the fall while the fallen leaves themselves decorate the waters.


The beauty is so wonderful as to take your breath away!


Next to the Shinden you'll also find the Otsue Museum.
Otsue are folk paintings that have been treasured in Otsu since the Edo period (1603 - 1868), and here in the Otsue Museum you can view paintings from the Edo period through to the modern day!


After enjoying the crimson leaves and museum some "Lucky Soba" is also recommended!
Fans come from afar to eat them! You'll find them on sale in the temple grounds!

Spot Name
Remains of the Enmanin Temple Gate
Best Time for Fall Leaves
In general, mid November - early December
Admission Fee
500 yen