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[Fall Leaves Information] Eigenji Temple

Eigenji Temple is well known for all of its maple trees. More than 3000 trees in different varieties of maple bring brilliant color to the temple grounds.


Make it to the top of the 120 stone steps that lead to the temple, and a stunning vista of crimson leaves spreads out before you.



As you climb the stone steps you will see Echigawa River on your right and a stone statue of Buddha on the rocky cliff to your left. This expressive stone Buddha is said to have been carved during the Edo period (1603 - 1868)!


This path is also lined with many tree with leaves changing color, which in turn causes many visitors to tarry here during the climb.
A veritable tunnel of crimson foliage!


As you make your way to the main temple, you can also relax for a moment and sample a delicious snack!



The temple grounds are also illuminated once the sun goes down.



This time of year is your only chance to see the Eigenji Temple illuminations, so it's definitely worth making the trip!

Spot Name
Eigenji Temple Illuminations
Best Time for Fall Leaves
In general, early November - late November
Illumination Period
November 3 - November 30
Illumination Times
17:00 - 20:30 (Gates closed at 20:30)
Admission Fee
500 yen