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[Fall Leaves Information] Dawn Redwood Avenue

Around 500 dawn redwoods run for 2.4km from Makino Pic-land, creating an avenue of trees all the way to Makino Highland. While the dawn redwoods look lovely at all times of the year, they are said to be especially beautiful during the changing of their leaves in the fall.


The wonderfully symmetrical scenery created by the rows of beautiful conical dawn redwoods and the completely straight road also blends perfectly with the distant Nozaka mountains to thrill the hearts of all who see it.


This incredible scenery has also been selected as one of the New 100 Japanese Tree Avenues, and brings in many visitors from across Japan.


There are also benches along the avenue, making it the perfect spot for a date!


Then, when evening falls, the atmosphere changes completely, becoming totally romantic! It's also a wonderful spot for a drive!

Spot Name
Dawn Redwood Avenue
Best Time for Fall Leaves
In general, early November - late November