Dining, Visiting & Exploration, Staying,Lake North【Kohoku Area Course】Relaxed & Laidback, The Soothing Power of Nature & A Trip Back in Time

【Kohoku Area Course】Relaxed & Laidback, The Soothing Power of Nature & A Trip Back in Time

The Kohoku region is known for the popular Chikubushima Cruise,
with its thrilling scenery.

While visiting the ancient battlefield of Shizugatake and the castle town of Nagahama,
soothe away the daily grind with a journey into nature, culture and history.

①Biwako Kisen Chikubushima Cruise

Chikubushima has garnered plenty of attention as a spiritual "power spot."
Enjoy the short, relaxed trip on a ship out to this mysterious island floating
in the northern part of Lake Biwa.


Tourist ships depart from the ports in Nagahama and Imazu,
allowing you to fully enjoy the appeal of the island, one of the eight Views of Lake Biwa.

Enjoy the scenery of the upper lake area and sightseeing on the island itself,
including Hogonji Temple and Tsukubusuma-jinja Shrine.


The tradition of "Kawarake Nage" is also popular,
which involves writing a wish on a "kawarake" unglazed or sunbaked earthen sake cup or dish
and then throwing it toward a torii gate in order to make the wish come true.


②Yokaro Fried Mackerel Somen Noodles

The Hokkoku Kaido Road, connecting the Nakasendo and Hokurikudō roads,
saw traffic by many travelers and merchants.

Yokaro is a restaurant in a former merchant's house
that has stood for 150 years along this very road,
and is the perfect place to sample the famous Nagahama "fried mackerel somen noodles."


This Kohoku regional specialty involves a sweet
and sour blend of fried mackerel and somen noodles,
and is a vital part of the repast offered to visitors of the Nagahama Hikiyama Festival.


Enjoy this traditional flavor amid authentic surroundings
that make full use of all features of the original building,
including the garden, veranda and tea room.


③Sugatani Hot Springs Outside Bathing

The Sugatani Hot Springs are an old and famous bathing spot,
said to have been visited by feudal lord Nagamasa Azai and his wife Oichi.


The waters are the only colored hot springs in the prefecture,
changing from colorless and translucent to a reddish-brown color
upon coming into contact with air.

Experience the rich healing properties of this famous water,
said to have healed the wounds of many feudal warriors,
in an outside bath with water direct from the source.


You can bathe and go or stay the night, and there are a range of dining plans.

Enjoy a range of seasonal and local ingredients,
including a gorgeous kaiseki-style banquet and a variety of styles of Omi beef.


④Shizugatake Lift Historical Drama & Incredible Scenery

Shizugatake is the site of the famous historical battle
between the feudal warlords Hideyoshi Toyotomi and Katsuie Shibata
for control of all Japan.


At the summit you can experience feudal drama as described by a volunteer guide
(no regular schedule / provided by the Okubiwako Tourism Volunteer Guide Cooperative)
while enjoying the incredible scenery.

For access, the Shizugatake Lift comes highly recommended.


Six minutes on the lift and ten minutes on foot after alighting will bring you to the summit.
From there the view is truly spectacular, with Lake Yogo in the north,
Mt. Ibukiyama in the east, and all the brilliance of Okubiwako in the south-west,
featuring the intricate interplay of peninsulas and the ultramarine lake surface.


Note that the lift only operates on Saturdays and holidays during June,
July and September.