Dining, Visiting & Exploration, Staying,Lake East【Koto Area Course】A Summer Holiday Without the Kids, Exciting Exploration & Drinks on the Train!

【Koto Area Course】A Summer Holiday Without the Kids, Exciting Exploration & Drinks on the Train!

Hikone-jo Castle might be the go-to spot in the Koto region,
but there's plenty of other places to have fun nearby!

Here's a strictly adults-only, luxuriant travel plan that includes the Kawachi Wind Cave,
one of the largest limestone caverns in the Kansai area, and the "Beer Train",
a summer-only train that allows you to enjoy a cold beer in your train carriage.

①Kawachi Wind Cave Caving

The Kawachi Wind Cave was formed approximately 550,000 years ago,
and this is your chance to experience this mysterious wonder of nature!

One of the finest examples of limestone caves anywhere in the Kansai region,
this spot comes highly recommended and is even registered as a Shiga Natural Monument.


The temperature inside the cave remains around 12 degrees C throughout the year,
making the air cool on the skin even in the middle of summer.

Pass through the entrance, a small hole from which cold air blows,


and you'll enter a massive space that you'll hardly believe is underground!


Listen carefully and you'll even be able to hear the sound of underground water.
Thrill at the experience of exploring a secret world.

②Tagaya Itokiri Mochi

Standing in front of Taga Taisha Shrine,
sample the famous itokiri mochi ("thread cut rice cakes")
at the long-standing "Tagaya."


This Japanese confection involves cutting thin,
stretched out mochi rice into short sections using thread,
and is characterized by its white base color with red and blue lines.
The method of its production is careful and laborious,
using well steamed rice that is pounded four times longer than regular mochi,
creating an incredibly sticky texture.
The gentle flavor of the perfectly sweet,
home-made smooth bean paste is another secret behind its popularity.


You can enjoy them in the store with some tea,
making it the perfect spot to take a break,
or you can buy a box of 10 for the perfect gift!


③Ryotei Ryokan Yasui 1 night, 2 meals Dining Plan

A long-standing dining hotel,
valuing Japanese traditions and aesthetics and with a history going back to 1869.

Enjoy an elegant stay surrounded by seasonal flowers and refined furnishings.


All 9 guest rooms face out onto a carefully maintained garden,
and the relaxed atmosphere is everything you would expect from such a long-standing venue.

Each room is furnished differently,
with the guestroom featuring western style chairs for easy seating being particularly popular.


In the evening you can also enjoy a kaiseki-style banquet,
with a menu that changes monthly and features all the best ingredients from the Omi region.
Relax in your room and enjoy all the delicacies of the lake-land of Shiga,
including roast or boiled beef from certified Omi cattle.


④Ohmi Railway Ohmi Beer Train Hoshizora Draft Beer Train

The popular summer-only event train, the Hoshizora Draft Beer Train,
it will run from July to September.

http://www.ohmitetudo.co.jp/railway/event-train/index.html/ (only Japanese)

DSC01440.JPG*Photo shown is from operation in 2014. Details may differ during subsequent years.

Enjoy all you can drink draft Kirin Ichiban Shibori beer
inside a train carriage decorated to look like a beer hall!

This year you can also enjoy "Ichiban Shibori Shiga-zukuri" (350ml, limited to 1 can per person),
a special Kirin Beer only made at their brewery in Shiga.

You can make reservations no later than 5 days prior to your desired date
by calling the Ohmi Railway Corporation (telephone +081-749-22-3303).