Having Fun, Shopping, Staying,Higashi-Omi【Higashi-Omi Area Course】Enjoy Everything Summer Has To Offer! Complete Refreshment! Awesome River-Bathing Course!

【Higashi-Omi Area Course】Enjoy Everything Summer Has To Offer! Complete Refreshment! Awesome River-Bathing Course!

he Kanzakigawa River that flows through the east part of the Higashi-Omi region provides
wonderful summer leisure spots for those in the know!

This outdoor-adventure packed course allows you to have some summer fun,
bathe in hot springs while surrounded by nature,
and then spend the night in a charming bungalow.

①POWERZONE Riverbase Shiga Canyon Swimming Kanzakigawa River

Kanzakigawa River is a spot favored by those in the know,
located close to the city, and the chance to participate in a "canyon swimming" tour!

Swim, climb, and get swept along a beautiful canyon,
with clear water and surrounded by white granite.

You can even dive into a waterfall pool from a height of 3 or 4m!


You'll be wearing a lifejacket, so you can take part
even if you aren't the strongest swimmer.


Enjoy the spray of water and experience all the fun the river has to offer!


②Happuno-yu Day Bathing Hot Spring

Once you've had your fun in the water,
head to a hotel-style hot spring spot to kick back and relax!


Soothed by the Echigawa River flowing right in front of your eyes,
you can look out over the verdant green mountains from not only an outside bath
but also a liberating inside bath with massive glass windows!

The water is known for its beautification properties, bringing you smooth and soft skin.

瑞石の湯 露天風呂.JPG

In the adjoining restaurant the menu includes a kaiseki-style banquet (reservation required)
with local char grilled on an open hearth.


③Workshop Chou-Chou Lakeland Fresh Cheesecake

Enjoy the "Lakeland Fresh Cheesecake,
" created from the sake lees and local sake
from six highly unique and individual brewers!


The sake lees from each brewery are actually incredibly diverse,
from refreshing through to mellow and brandy-like.


As the flavors for each are different, trying them all
and comparing them is a great way to hone your sense of taste.

Enjoy the fragrance and flavors that change as the lees mature.

④Aikyo-no-Mori Bungalow Lodging

How about staying in a bungalow at a campsite surrounded by the glory of nature?


The key appeal here is the ability to easily enjoy the outdoor experience,
with lodgings outfitted with a refrigerator, bath and toilet.

Trees are also used to create natural partitions,
allowing you to enjoy camping while maintaining a feeling of privacy.


You can enjoy walks along wooded pathways or swimming in the nearby river,
and even experience making pizza or ice-cream.