【Koka Area Course】Shigaraki-yaki Ceramics & the Ninja Village! A Course to Experience Unique Culture and Art!

【Koka Area Course】Shigaraki-yaki Ceramics & the Ninja Village! A Course to Experience Unique Culture and Art!

The Koka region is widely known for shigaraki-yaki ceramics and the Koka Ninja Village.
Here's an introduction to spots where you can experience unique culture and art,
such as making ceramics in a kiln or experiencing the ninja arts at the Ninja Village.

①Sotoen Pottery Experience

Take on the challenge of creating your own original piece using a traditional kiln!


Sotoen maintains the only remaining climbing kiln in Shigaraki,
and a skilled ceramics instructor will guide you through making a cup or mug
by hand or using an electric wheel.


For the firing, you can choose from using the climbing kiln,
providing the traditional clay finish of shigaraki-yaki,
or a gas kiln that allows you to color your piece using glaze.


Touch the clay with your fingers and hands,
and experience the joy of losing yourself in creation.

②Uosen Flavor of the Season

After experiencing pottery making,
treat your taste buds to a kaiseki-style banquet eaten from shigaraki-yaki!
Stop by this restaurant for Japanese cuisine,
with a head chef who has also worked in a restaurant
in Kyoto and a sushi restaurant in Ginza.


Day or night, you can enjoy a whole range of food
that makes use of fish caught from the lake and locally produced vegetables,
starting with the monthly changing "Flavor of the Season".


The mackerel "rod" sushi is also popular enough to bring in fans from far and wide,
and makes a great (but highly perishable!) gift.

They also offer an excellent kids' menu, meaning the whole family can dine out in style.


③Koka Ninja Village Ninja Experience

How about experiencing what it means to be a ninja
in the home of the Koga ninja style?

Amid the atmosphere of a hidden village,
this theme park allows you to dress in the garb of a ninja and experience
what it means to be a true "ninja."


Training includes 9 difficult challenges,
including stonewall climbing, rope walking and water-walking shoes!
Clear them all and you'll receive a scroll indicating your proficiency in the ninja arts.


You can also enjoy a house of ninja traps,
a shuriken throwing-star dojo and a ninja museum displaying ninja artifacts,
including clothing, weapons and secret scrolls.