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【Konan Area Course】Learning Can Be Fun Too! Look, Play & Learn! Nature Studies Course

In the Konan region there are plenty of spots
where you can have fun with your kids while also learning something new!
Observe fossils and freshwater fish in museums or the summer night sky in the planetarium.
Spending the night camping will bring you closer together as a family!

①Lake Biwa Museum Observe Exhibits

In this museum with the theme of "lakes and mankind,"
learn about the transitions of the lake, how people have lived alongside the waters,
and the other creatures that share the lake habitat!


There are plenty of exhibits to enjoy, including fossils, minerals, freshwater fish,
and an introduction to the ruins on the bottom of the lake.

The Discovery Room is also very popular, allowing you to see, touch,
and experience things with all of your senses.


Staff are permanently posted in order to help explain the exhibits,
and you can also ask questions to the staff posted in the Question Corner
in the first floor library.


②Patisserie Ricotta Ricotta Cheesecake

If you're craving something sweet, head over to Patisserie Ricotta.


Our top recommendation here is the delicious cake
made using home-made ricotta cheese.


Ricotta cheese is made with fresh milk and without the use of fermentation,
creating a mellow fragrance and sweetness accompanied by a smooth, unaffected texture.
Incredibly popular,
even those who normally don't like cheesecake have been known to sing its praises.

Along with seven types of cheese, including rare cheese and camembert mousse,
you can enjoy takeout of more than 30 different varieties of cake.


③Shiga Prefectural Kibogaoka Culture Park Lodging Camp

At a unified leisure spot set amid wide grounds,
have all the fun you can handle and then camp for the night!


The park is blessed with an abundance of nature,
and features such attractions as an expansive lawn,
an athletics course and ground golf, offering sport & recreation
for everyone from kids to adults to enjoy.


The campsite includes permanent tents and will lend out cooking utensils,
allowing you to easily experience cooking outside.


④Laforet Biwako Hotels & Resorts Digital Stardome Hotaru

Here you can enjoy a new and unique planetarium world.

The program is rich in entertainment value, using awe-inspiring imagery and striking sound.
Projected works include everything from collaborations with artists through to popular animated shows.


The "Star Light Live" event is also popular,
featuring a guide providing an explanation of the stars alongside a live concert.


Enjoy being led through the night sky by an amusing and humorous discourse.