Having Fun, Dining, Staying,Lake West【Kosei Area Course】Fun for Everyone! Now This is Summer! Lake Bathing & BBQ Course!

【Kosei Area Course】Fun for Everyone! Now This is Summer! Lake Bathing & BBQ Course!

The Kosai area, with its beautiful clear water, is a great destination for lake bathing!
Have fun on the beach to work up an appetite and then hit the barbeque,
before enjoying camping at night!
How does this course of hot summer staples sound?

①Omi Shirahama Bathing Area Lake Bathing

Experience summer on the beach amid the contrast of sparkling white sand
and green pine forests!


Selected as one of the finest beaches in Japan,
the Omi Shirahama Bathing Area is the perfect spot for some lake bathing,
with water that's incredibly clear even for Lake Biwa,
a shallow depth and gentle waves.


Each of the adjoining camp areas provide rental beach volleyball nets
and the chance to experience various water sports or a whole range of other leisure activities,
truly offering something for everyone.


②Shirahamaso Outdoor Bathing Observation Deck

After enjoying yourself on the beach,
refresh yourself in wonderful lodgings that are only a short walk away.9G4A4675.jpg

The large baths and warm waters of the lakeside "Shirahamaso,"
surrounded by nature, can be used without having to stay the night.


Soak in the outside bath, look out over vast Lake Biwa beyond the pines,
and experience a moment of true relaxation.

The scenery from the guest rooms on the third floor is also something special.
You can enjoy a variety of different styles of stay, including in separate buildings,
the annex, or two storey villa-type lodgings.


③Oumido Oumi Roll Adoberry Cream

Enjoy carefully selected desserts & vinegar in a store operated
by a vinegar manufacturer founded during the Edo period (1603 - 1868).

The most popular item is the "Oumi Roll Adoberry Cream,


the ultimate roll cake that strikes the perfect balance between tart
and sweet flavors and is made by using Adogawa grown "Adoberries,
" in the form of a home-made Adoberry jam mixed with fresh cream.


You can also enjoy a selection of other confections and vinegar made using local ingredients,
along with drinks made with fruit vinegar.


④Shirahamaso Camp Ground Camping & BBQ

Enjoy camping and a barbeque feast while looking out over beautiful sandy beaches
and the sparkling blue Lake Biwa!


Directly overlooking the Omi Shirahama beach
this spacious auto camp boasts 150 sites for tents.


Taking advantage of a plan (reservation required) that offers a tent,
barbeque and bathing at the adjacent "Shirahamaso" allows you to enjoy camping
without bringing any equipment of your own.


There are also a wide range of fishing spots and sports facilities in the vicinity,
allowing a full range of outdoor activities to be enjoyed.