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[Cherry Blossom] Lake Yogo Cherry Blossoms

Lake Yogo is famous for the legend of the Celestial Maidens.

It is a small lake with a 6.4km circumference, and is also known as the "mirror lake." Just as this name suggests, the calm surface reflects back the beauty of the seasons throughout the year.


A large willow tree grows on the bank of Lake Yogo - the famous willow that the Celestial Maidens hung their feathered garments on in the legend.
It still stands quietly by the lake today, wreathed in a mysterious atmosphere.


In springtime the Oshima cherry and double-blossomed cherry trees planted around Lake Yogo all burst into life.

Early April is the best time to see them!


Walk along the banks and you'll also come to the Yogogawa River weir and it's driving channel. Continue along the channel and you'll find an avenue of Yoshino cherry trees! Other flowers are blooming too, creating a beautiful symphony of color!
This popular spot is visited by many families and cameramen throughout the year.


When the double-blossom cherry trees flower you can enjoy the striking contrast between the pink and verdant green.


Enjoy the dance of the cherry blossoms across the water, carried on the spring breeze. Surrounded by nature, the blue sky, blue lake and spring-colored cherry all paint a wonderful picture.

Spot Name
Lake Yogo & Yogogawa River Weir
Best Time for Cherry Blossoms
Early April - Mid April