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[Cherry Blossom] Hokoen Garden Cherry Blossoms

Hokoen Garden is a public garden close to Lake Biwa that was created on the ruins of Nagahama-jo Castle, and it was named for feudal lord Hideyoshi Toyotomi who was the lord of that castle.


The garden is rich in verdant nature, with a wide variety of flowers blooming during each season, allowing you to enjoy it all year round.
In the springtime, however, you can also experience cherry blossoms that have been selected as one of the 100 most beautiful spots in Japan, and which always bring in a throng of visitors from near and far.

There are cherry trees planted to encircle the Nagahama-jo Castle History Museum, and the view from the Nagahama-jo tower observation deck is like looking out over a sea of cherry blossoms!


After enjoying the blossoms you can experience the history and culture of the castle in the museum!


The garden also includes other flowerbeds, fountains, and an athletics area, and it's also a great spot to just take a stroll!

Along with the around 700 Yoshino cherry planted within the grounds there are also around 150 red and white plum trees, filling the air with the scent of spring.


There are many other tourist spots located nearby, including the Kurokabe Square, and the garden is within walking distance from JR Nagahama Station, making it the perfect spot for a springtime trip! Come and see Nagahama-jo Castle in all its glory!


In the evening, the sunset over Lake Biwa is also a sight to behold.

Spot Name
Hokoen Garden
Best Time for Cherry Blossoms
Early April - Mid April
Entry Free
Late March - Mid April