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[Cherry Blossom] Hachiman-bori Canal Cherry Blossoms

The Hachiman-bori Canal is often used for filming period dramas and movies!

This old townscape feels like slipping back in time to the Edo period, and attracts many visitors throughout the year!


The beginnings of the Hachiman-bori Canal are in 1585, when Hidetsugu Toyotomi, the nephew of feudal lord Hideyoshi Toyotomi, built his castle on Mr. Hachiman and started to build a town.
The Hachiman-bori Canal is connected to Lake Biwa, and as boats travelled up and down it the town flourished and gave rise to the Omi Merchants.

This historic canal is more than 6km long, and has beautiful cherry trees planted alongside it.


A variety of experiences can be enjoyed in the vicinity of the Hachiman-bori Canal, including a number of tours of the canals, allowing you to enjoy the water-borne transport so effectively used by the Omi Merchants of old.

The Omi-Hachiman canal network is known as one of the three great canal networks of Japan, and is also said to be the only one that retains all of its original, unchanged natural beauty.


Experience a unique trip down the canals! Enjoy cherry blossoms and other flowers all blooming together!


The white-walled town alongside the Hachiman-bori Canal is also a popular and relaxing spot to pass the time!

Take a boat and enjoy the blossoms, sit and sketch them, or take a stroll along the cobbles...
Find your own special way to enjoy this wonderful place!

Spot Name
Hachiman-bori Canal
Best Time for Cherry Blossoms
Early April - Mid April