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[Cherry Blossom] Tarobogu Shrine Cherry Blossoms

Tarobogu Shrine is located about halfway up the 350m high Mt. Akagamiyama, and is known by the nickname "Tarobo-san" in Japanese.
Said to have been founded over 1,400 years ago, it is connected to warding off disaster and bringing good luck and success in business.


Climb the long stone steps and you will first come to the massive "husband and wife rocks" that are in front of the main shrine. This rock is said to have been cleaved into two halves by the power of god. Passing through the 80cm gap is said to make your wishes come true!

This rock is a key religious symbol and is said to have mysterious powers. However, if a liar passes in front of it, the rock is said to squish them! Be careful!


Furthermore, from the main shrine's observation deck you can look out over wonderful scenery that changes with the four seasons, bringing in many visitors across the year.


The path that leads to Tarobogu Shrine is also lined with cherry trees, creating a tunnel of blossoms to welcome visitors.


The cherry blossom tunnel continues all the way down to the foot of the mountain!


How about taking in the cherry blossoms at Tarobogu Shrine, a famous spot of spiritual power?

Spot Name
Tarobogu Shrine
Best Time for Cherry Blossoms
Early April - Mid April
Admission Fee
Admission Times
No Fixed Times (*Shrine office is open 9:00 - 17:00)