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[Flowers] Kusatsu City Aquatic Botanical Garden Mizunomori Springtime Flowers

Where's the best place in all of Shiga Prefecture to enjoy a whole variety of different plants and flowers?
That's right! The Kusatsu City Aquatic Botanical Garden Mizunomori!


You might first think of the large number of flowering lotus grown here every year, but there are plenty of other plants to enjoy! The perfect spot for a trip out in springtime!


The liberating park features lakes spreading away in three directions, and against the backdrop of the Hira and Hieizan mountains the shifting scenery of Lake Biwa is incredibly romantic.


They also offer a uniquely themed facility, the Lotus Hall, where you can encounter all sorts of aquatic plants, enjoying beautifully blooming flowers across all four seasons!


The "Water Square" that looks out over Lake Biwa also features plum trees, Yoshino cherry and crimson weeping cherry, and throngs with people enjoying the blossoms.


Just as the cherry are starting to leaf and a storm of petals blows across the grounds, tulips will also start to blossom across the park!
Experience springtime while surrounded on all sides by flowers!

Bring a picnic and make a day of it!

Spot Name
Kusatsu City Aquatic Botanical Garden Mizunomori
Best Time for Cherry Blossoms
Early April - Mid April
Admission Fees
Adults ¥300 High School & University Students ¥250 Junior High & Elementary School Students ¥150