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[Flowers] Ishiyama-dera Temple Cherry and Plum Blossoms

Ishiyama-dera Temple is known as a temple of flowers and a place with connections to the Lady Murasaki Shikibu. This is where the great lady conceived her ideas for the oldest novel in Japan, "The Tale of Genji," and it is a spot that attracts many visitors not just locally but from across Japan.

There are seasonal flowers blooming at Ishiyama-dera Temple throughout the year. In springtime 600 cherry trees bloom across the grounds, including Yoshino cherry, weeping cherry and Japanese cherry.


In addition, the three plum gardens within the grounds are planted with 400 plum trees across 50 different varieties, filling the air with the scent of plums.

Feel the return of spring while enjoying cherry and plum blossoms at the same time!


In particular, the third plum garden allows you to enjoy wild, natural plum trees and also narcissus, making it the perfect spot to experience a variety of springtime flowers.


From the high point at Ishiyama-dera Temple you can also look down over the Setagawa River and all the cherry blossoms blooming there.
With cherry trees in bloom wherever you look in the grounds, Ishiyama-dera Temple is transformed into a wonderful world of pink.


Why not pay your respects at the temple and then take in the gorgeous blossoms.

Spot Name
Ishiyama-dera Temple
Best Time for Cherry and Plum Blossoms
Late March - Early April
Admission Fee
Adults \600 Junior & High School Student \600 Elementary School Students \250
Admission Times
8:00 - 16:30