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[Cherry Blossom] Kaizu-Osaki Peninsula Cherry Blossoms

The Kaizu-Osaki Peninsula cherry blossoms have been selected as one of the "100 Greatest Cherry Blossom Spots in Japan."

Approximately 800 glorious Yoshino cherry trees run along the banks of Lake Biwa for 4km,
including older trees of more than 70 years and a new generation of younger trees that together create a tunnel of cherry blossoms.


A cherry tree lined avenue that continues as far as the eye can see!

Boats for viewing the blossoms also depart from Kaizu fishing port, allowing you to enjoy the view from the water as well as the land!


The Kaizu-Osaki Peninsula cherry blossoms are generally at their peak around April 10 each year, and it is famous in the Kinki region as a late-blooming spot.

Furthermore, the jutting rocks here are also one of the "Eight Views of Lake Biwa,
" and their juxtaposition against the blue-green of the lake and the distant Chikubushima Island attracts hordes of visitors each year.



You can also take in the blossoms while enjoying a new experience such as canoeing or riding a SUP!


Spot Name
Kaizu-Osaki Peninsula
Best Time for Cherry Blossoms
In general around April 10 each year
Blossom Viewing Boats For further details please contact each location.
・Biwako Kisen (Imazu Office Tel: +81-740-22-1747 Nagahama Branch Tel: +81-749-62-3390)
・Omi Marine (Okubiwako Makino Grand Park Hotel Tel: +81-740-28-1111)
・Lake Taxi Kirari Nakamura (Tel: +81-90-2592-8661)
・Oimaru (Tel: +81-740-22-6400)
・Kichibei-maru (Tel:+81-740-27-0823)
・Nihonmatsu Blossom Viewing Boat (Tel: +81-749-89-1370)