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[Cherry Blossom] Okuhiei Driveway Cherry Blossoms

The Okuhiei Driveway is a drive course 11.8km in length, starting from the Hieizan Todo area,
passing through the Saito area and Yokawa and reaching all the way to Ogi, winding through verdant greenery along the way.

The route has 1000 double-flowered cherry trees planted along the road, making it the perfect way to enjoy a drive while viewing the blossoms.


In general the best time to view the blossoms is from the end of April to early May, during the Golden Week period. Take in the wonderful scenery while enjoying a relaxing drive!


You can also look out over Lake Biwa Bridge and Otsu City as they spread out below the Lake Biwa Observation Point at 550m above sea level.


Mt. Mikami, the so-called "Mt. Fuji of Omi", and the Lake Biwa Bridge look glorious on a clear day!

Once the sun sets, the wonderful nighttime lights continue to attract drivers.
The glittering Otsu City makes the perfect backdrop to a romantic date!


Enjoy a drive at day or at night!

How about taking a drive while enjoying the spectacle of cherry blossoms in full bloom?

Spot Name
Okuhiei Driveway
Best Time for Cherry Blossoms
Late April - Early May
[Observation Point] Free entry
[Passage on the Okuhiei Driveway (between Ogi - Enryakuji Temple)] \1540 one way