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[Cherry Blossom] Zeze-jo Castle Ruins Park Blossoms

Zeze-jo Castle Ruins Park is located just 5 minute's walk from the Keihan Zezehonmachi Station.


Zeze-jo Castle was the first castle built by the famous castle builder Takatora Todo under orders from feudal lord Ieyasu Tokugawa after his victory at the battle of Sekigahara.

It was abandoned after the Meiji Restoration, with the castle taken down and the castle gates moved to Zeze-jinja Shrine and Shinozu-jinja Shrine.


The castle was a textbook example of fortifications making use of water,
including a natural moat formed using lake water along the west side.
Its chalk tower and walls and white moat and scaffold reflected in the surface of the lake are said to have been stunningly beautiful.

Today, the location of the main keep is Zeze-jo Castle Ruins Park, which attracts many visitors each springtime as a famous spot for cherry blossoms.


The park grounds include a total of 150 Japanese cherry and Yoshino cherry trees, attracting a large local crowd to view the blossoms.


When the blossoms are at their peak the Zeze Cherry Blossom Festival is also held, which includes illuminations at night.


Event Name
Zeze Cherry Blossom Festival
April 7, 2018
Illumination Period
Late March - Early April
Time of Illuminations
Sunset - Dawn