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[Cherry Blossom] Okishima Cherry Blossoms

Okishima is the only island in a freshwater lake in Japan on which people live!

Take a bus from Omi Hachiman station to Horikiri port, from where you can take a ship to Okishima. This trip within a trip will finally get you to land on the island.


The cherry trees on Okishima bloom slightly late each year, in April.

You can enjoy cherry blossoms all across the island, but the rows of trees on the west side, beyond Saifukuji Temple, are perhaps the most beautiful.

You can also find the "blossom viewing square" on the path to climb Mt. Kenkenyama. From here you can enjoy the blossoms while looking out over the Hira and Hieizan mountains.


Spring on Okishima allows you to enjoy a laidback, traditional Japanese springtime.


Once the blossoms are all in bloom the entire island appears to be wreathed in pink, like a "cherry colored island."


There are also lots of cats living on Okishima.

Just look at those cute faces!


Also, during the Okishima Cherry Blossom Festival the island is packed with tourists seeking a taste of local delicacies.

Beneath the blossoms of Okishima, enjoy some delicious cuisine while taking in the beautiful flowers!
The allure of the island of cherry blossoms is impossible to resist!

Event Name
Okishima Cherry Blossom Festival
31 March - April 10 2018
In front of the Okishima Fishing Cooperative Hall