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[Cherry Blossom] Biwako Valley Cherry Blossoms

Biwako Valley functions as a highland resort from spring through fall and as a ski slope in the winter.

The Biwako Valley parking area has a row of cherry trees that extends up to 1,500m. The view over the lake as seen from here is known as the "lake view of a thousand cherry trees," and depicts an stunningly elegant world against the backdrop of Lake Biwa.



During the period of the cherry blossom fair a range of events are held that everyone from children to adults can enjoy.



From around the middle of Mt. Houraisan you can enjoy beautiful cherry blossoms against the backdrop of the lake.

The view of the lake from the mountainside is truly breathtaking.


After enjoying the cherry blossoms, take a stroll through the air in a glass-windowed ropeway car.

The fastest ropeway in Japan will get you to the summit at 1100m in no time at all.

Look out over the beautiful lake and enjoy a soothing moment of complete relaxation.


Reach the summit and you'll be greeted by a stunning panorama of Lake Biwa!

Enjoy a delicious meal, take a relaxing nap, or get physical with fun activities... you're sure to find something to do!


Event Name
Biwako Valley Cherry Blossom Festival
Best Time for Cherry Blossoms
In general around early - mid April each year
April 8 - April 20 2016
Biwako Valley Parking Area