Having Fun, Dining,Lake NorthSkiing & snowboarding! The definitive winter pursuits for those who like to get out and be active!

Skiing & snowboarding! The definitive winter pursuits for those who like to get out and be active!

Skiing and snowboarding are two activities that you can only fully enjoy in winter!

With that in mind, take a look at the ultimate piste with the ultimate powder snow!

There's also hot springs and noodles to be found on the way home!

Check out the ultimate hot plate course to enjoy during the winter!

①Okuibuki Ski & Snowboard

One of the largest-scale snow resorts in the Kansai region!


Excellently located for easy access, just 30 minutes from Maibara or Sekigahara interchanges.

Perfect for a day trip!


Not to mention the quality of the snow!

You'll be hard pressed to find powder like this anywhere else in Kansai!


A variety of courses take full advantage of the natural terrain,
allowing everyone to enjoy themselves regardless of skill level.


It also features the steepest course in Japan, with an incline of up to 46 degrees,
and a snow park packed with a whole range of items!


The perfect place for those who take their skiing seriously.

②National Hostel Hokoso

Once you've had your fun on the slopes, head over to Nagahama!

国民宿舎 豊公荘

Seeking a dip in warm hot springs, make your way to the National Hostel Hokoso in Ho Park.


This green-roofed building is located right in front of Nagahama-jo Castle.

豊公園内の国民宿舎 豊公荘

Of the two baths you can see, the one further inside uses the famous Nagahamataiko hot spring water.


This is brown-colored hot spring water!

Relax in the warm water and thaw out from the cold. Body and mind will be heated up in no time!



If you're starting to get hungry, this is the place to visit next!


Kotetsu is one of the most popular noodle destinations in Nagahama today!


Popular enough for queues to form even on weekdays,
and often closing early due running out of soup.


Here's the top menu item!

Rich Chicken Soba!

濃厚 鶏 SOBA

The slightly thick soup belays the simple and clear aftertaste!


The richness and fragrance of chicken are carefully extracted and concentrated over 12-13 hours.

The flavor is simple, no-nonsense; simply delicious.

It's also popular among women due to being so rich in collagen!

④Mt. Hakodateyama Ski Slope

If you want to ski as a family, you can't go wrong with the Mt. Hakodateyama Ski Slope.


This appealing location allows you to look out over all of Lake Biwa.


They also have a "Kid's World,"
which includes a bouncy slide in the shape of their mascot character "Hako-chan,"
allowing the kids to enjoy the slopes too!


Other popular events include snow rafting down steep slopes and Hako-chan appearing wearing skis!


With an excellent snow park, it's also popular with snow boarders!