Having Fun, Dining, Visiting & Exploration, Staying,Lake NorthRefresh your body and mind! Set out on a journey of healing around the Kohoku area!

Refresh your body and mind! Set out on a journey of healing around the Kohoku area!

Take in a breathtakingly beautiful statue of the goddess Kannon, and enjoy the wild birds along the shore of the lake.

Then its time for a delicious meal and a trip to the hot springs!

Check out this plan for a trip around Kohoku, from which you can expect to come away healed in body and mind!

① Kogenji Temple (Doganji Temple Kannondo)

Your starting point is the Kohoku region, also known as the "home of Kannon."


Head to Kogenji Temple to look upon the glory of the statue of Eleven Faced Kannon!


The statue is located in the Doganji Temple Kannondo, standing a short distance away from the Kogenji gate.

kougenji temple gate

It is said to be the most beautiful of all seven of the Eleven Faced Kannon statues that are designated as National Treasures in Japan.

japanese National treasure 11face kannon statue

The beautiful curve from brow to nose, slightly plump body, and carefully angled head, bust and hips.

You'll be bowled over by these stunning proportions!

The balance of the headpiece and large earrings are also very striking.

japanese National treasure 11face kannon statue slanting

japanese National treasure kannon statue face

There's something to see from every angle, so circle through 360 degrees and really drink it all in!

② Biwako Waterfowl & Wetland Center

Bird watching is also highly recommended in Kohoku, as the region is visited by many waterfowl.biwako waterfowl marsh center

The Biwako Waterfowl & Wetland Center is the centerpiece facility of the Kohoku Town Waterfowl Park.

Even the building itself looks like a bird! So cute!

waterfowl marsh center telescope

There are binoculars inside that everyone can use for free!

Winter is the best season to visit. During peak periods you can see 50-60 species of wild birds in a single day!

biwako's landscape

The stars at this time of year are...

The tundra swans and the bean geese!

Not to mention the Steller's sea eagles!

biwako eagle

Steller's sea eagle is a species in crisis, with extremely small numbers left in the wild.

The center quickly fills up with people when word comes of one flying in!

stuffed swan

Every month they also hold a regular bird watching meet. Timing your visit to coincide with that might work too!

③ Kurokabe Square

Then the walk the "kurokabe Square "kurokabe squere

Amid an old-fashioned town, you can find glass shops, studios, local cuisine and more, across 30 different retailers.

The centerpiece is the Kurokabe Glass Hall.

kurokabe grass facility

Created by refurbishing a wooden, western-style bank, the jet-black coloring and blend of east and west in the solid construction really make the building stand out.

many beautiful grass

Inside you will find everyday glass tableware and vases, along with glass products from around the world.

Glass products around the world

These magnifying glasses and nail files, so fashionably designed, are particularly popular!


It's also possible to watch skilled glass craftsmen at work in the adjoining Kurokabe Glass Studio.

grass craftsman

You'll also want to check out Kurokabe Amisu, which sells craft items from Shiga made from china, lacquer and cloth.


You can also find regional specialties from across the prefecture here, making it the perfect spot to pick up some gifts!

④ Ryokan Beniayu

At night, you can enjoy a moment of relaxation in the famous Onoe hot springs at Lake Biwa.INN ayubeni

Ryokan Beniayu is the perfect place to end your route of relaxation, located on the shores in Okubiwako. ayubeni appearance

You can look out across Lake Biwako from all of the guest rooms, taking in the beautiful scenery that includes Chikubushima island.

ayubeni room1

aayubeni room2

Not to mention the outside bath attached to each guest room!

ayubeni romm open air-bath

Nothing beats enjoying a dip while watching the sunset over Lake Biwa!

biwako's sunset

Enjoy a relaxing, quiet moment with that special someone.

Then, when it's time to dine...


Delicious mallard with a rich fragrance and not too much fat.

This is the ultimate course, and one that you can only enjoy during winter!

duck sukiyaki

*The photo shows duck for two.