Having Fun, Dining, Visiting & Exploration,Otsu, Koka, Higashi-OmiThis plan provides the perfect way to spend a romantic winter date!

This plan provides the perfect way to spend a romantic winter date!

Stunning old townscapes and fantastical lake scenery!

Shiga is packed with romantic spots for couples to visit.

The following is a plan that will take you around four of the particularly recommended ones!

① Hosa Amana

To get you started, how about Hosa Amana in Omi-Hachiman.

cafe amana

Run by the long-standing Japanese confectioner Watayo, with a history of more than 150 years.

cafe amana's renovated taisyo-house

The interior is a refurbished building from the Taisho period (1912-1926), with the original window glass and other interior features remaining.

The retro atmosphere is so charming!

The Asamiya Hojicha (green tea) Parfait is highly recommended, topped with decchi yokan (thick jellied sweets made of red bean paste, agar, and sugar) and uiro mochi (steamed cake made of rice flour and sugar), both representative confections from Watayo.

Roasted green tea parfait

Beneath the soft cream you will find hojicha mousse and jelly, filling your mouth with a glorious fragrance.

The "Piping Hot Fried Uiro" is also a unique sweet, featuring fried uiro mochi.

Uiro rice cake

The crispy-soft texture is just so delicious!

②Hachiman-bori Canal

Go for a stroll after enjoying delicious sweets!

Omihachiman merchant mansion

The place to see in Omi-Hachiman is the Hachiman-bori Canal, lined with merchant houses and once thronging with vessels transporting cargo.

Hatchobori canal

White-walled storehouses and old homes line the canal, creating the perfect spot for a stroll.Hatchobori canal2

Enjoy a walk while taking in the rich, historic scenery!

③Yamamotoen WITH TEA

This tea room is operated by Yamamotoen, a long-standing tea house that was founded in 1870!

tea plantation

Shigaraki is famous for its pottery, but is also known as the production site for famous Asamiya Tea.Tea plantation of Asamiya tea

You can even see the tea fields planted behind the stop!

The recommendation from the menu here is the high-class green tea tiramisu!

Luxury green tea tiramisu

The green tea sponge and rich green tea mousse combine with green tea sprinkled over the top to create the ultimate in home-made green tea desserts.

The balance between sweetness and the bitter tea is sublime! The set with hojicha green tea provides the perfect accompaniment!

④ Lake Biwa Flower Fountain

At night, the Lake Biwa Flower Fountain in Otsu City comes highly recommended!

Lake Biwa Flower Fountain

This 440m wide, 40m high fountain is illuminated once the sun goes down, creating a truly picturesque scene!

Lake Biwa Flower Fountain2

The view from Otsu Lakeside Nagisa Park is also breathtakingly striking, encompassing the night view of Otsu City.

Lake Biwa Flower Fountain2

The perfect, most magical mood for a couple to bask in!