Having Fun, Dining, Culture & Experiences,Lake WestThe season for winter sports is here! Snow mountain family plans offer something for everyone!

The season for winter sports is here! Snow mountain family plans offer something for everyone!

Kids just love to play in the snow, and they'll be able to do so to their heart's content by hitting this family-orientated ski slope!

We've also included other sites to see in the vicinity of each!

① Makino Highland Makino Ski Slope

The theme for this ski slope is "a winter kingdom for kids."

winter snow children

Located within the region receiving the heaviest snowfall in the prefecture, all of the powder here is 100% natural snow!

 People  enjoy piste

Fun things to do include a kids' park packed with attractions, spots to enjoy playing in the snow or sledding,

Skiing enjoy

banana boats that circle the slope,

Conveyor of climbing

and plenty more!

The lifts have been taken out in favor of a child-friendly "SunKid" conveyor.

Snowshoe trekking

Snow-shoe trekking is also popular, allowing kids and adults alike to take a stroll across the snow.

Snow-shoe trekking

② Makino Highland Onsen Sarasa

After having your fun in the snow, head over to this adjacent hot spring spa!

spring bade zone

Enjoy two styles of hot spring bathing, a full bath or a bathing suit zone.

Jacuzzi abdezone

The bathing suit zone features a bath you can lie down in and a stream of water from above to massage you, as well as a wonderful outside Jacuzzi that allows you to take a dip while also taking in the slopes!

outdoor jacuzzi

Once you've enjoyed the bathing suit zone, experience both inside and outside baths.

spring makino onsen

spring makino  outdoor jacuzzi

A full recovery from all that skiing is only one bath away!

spring Break Corner

Massage chair

After your bath there are massage chairs on hand to soothe away all discomfort. Take a load off body and mind!

③ Takashima Village

On your way home, why not drop by Takashima Village? Experience the good-old days of Japan in an old-timey atmosphere amid long-standing houses.

takashima village

There's a selection of unique shops here, numbered as Halls 1 to 8, made using old merchant houses or stores and including restaurants, dessert shops and studios where you can experience crafts for yourself.

In Hall 1, established in an old merchant's house that has stood for more than 170 years, you can enjoy candle making!

Renovated store

renovated store2

Hall 6, the 100 year old former store for the village headman, is now home to the Takashima Wani Café.

100-year-old renovated  cafe

Enjoy meals made with organic vegetables and lake fish, centered in local produce and with a clear awareness of "safe and reliable."

 Local food cafe

They also have a replete café menu, including cakes and herb tea!

wani cafe scene

They also sell handmade trinkets produced locally and retail recommended ingredients for cooking at home, so be sure to check it out!

④ R café at Marina

Another perfect spot to stop at on your way home!

Harbor restaurant marina

The harbor restaurant R café at Marina!

lake biwako can overlook cafe

Blessed with the ultimate location, look out across Lake Biwa from the Hawaii themed interior!

image of hawai cafe

marina cafe overlook biwako

The highly recommended dish here is...

hawaian french toast

French toast!

You first select the bread to use, from toast, baguette or brioche.

The Hawaiian French Toast is especially recommended, topped with seasonal fruit, fresh cream and ice cream!

Even better, during the "café time" (3pm - 5pm) you can take in the sunset over Lake Biwa while enjoying the popular pancake and drink set for just ¥900!

lion coffee

The "French-Hawaiian" dining menu is also delicious, including dishes using lake fish and Omi beef.