Dining,Otsu, Lake South, Lake NorthVisiting all the famous spots! Enjoy ingredients and dishes unique to Shiga!

Visiting all the famous spots! Enjoy ingredients and dishes unique to Shiga!

An abundance of water, fertile soil, and surrounded on all sides by beautiful mountains...

As one with the glory of nature, Shiga is a treasure-trove of delicious ingredients!

This season features especially delicious wild game dishes, along with the traditional regional funazushi (fermented sushi made with crucian carp)! Here are some of the best places to sample these fantastic dishes and more!


Tsuru-Kikyou is located close to Seta no Karahashi Bridge.


It is a sumibi kappo ("charcoal grill") restaurant created by refurbishing a storehouse that has stood for more than 100 years.

Tsuru-Kikyou Counter Kitchen

Tsuru-Kikyou zashiki

Known for being visited by numerous famous chefs, the most appealing aspect of their dining experience is their range of carefully selected ingredients.

They are renowned for providing the full deliciousness of every ingredient they use!

Cooking landscape

At this time of year you'll definitely want to try the wild game!

The basic Tsuru-Kikyou style is to charcoal grill game from hunters located in both France and locally in Shiga, and then serve it with salt and mustard.

For example...

Asiatic black bear Jibie cuisine

Asiatic black bear!

Enjoy this fatty, perfectly pitched meat and it's enticing nutty fragrance.

Jibie cuisine Venison


Founded in 1784, this restaurant is run by Uoji, a long-standing proprietor of funazushi fermented sushi.

korian landscape

Enjoy a delicious funazushi spread while taking in the peaceful views of Okubiwako.

korian tokonoma

korian landscape2

Uoji funazushi has long maintained the traditional methods of preparing the dish, which include pickling across two winters.

One of the most surprising things is the lack of the characteristic strong smell of funazushi.

The mellow acidity and rich, deep flavor are perfectly accompanied by some sake.

hunazushi sushi

hunazushi tenpura

How about some funazushi wrapped in cheese, or fried funazushi? By the time you reach the funazushi in green tea, everything you think you know about this dish will have been completely overwritten.

wasyoku kaiseki hunazushi

One visit is never enough!

③ A Selection of Dishes Nyoi no Sato Gokigensan

Amid the verdant mountains, Gokigensan allows you to enjoy a delicious seasonal meal.

Hearth cooking Gokigen 's

Harking back to olden times in Japan, individual dining rooms with their own cooking hearth provide the perfect setting.

hearth table

You can even get traditional set meals featuring that delicacy of the region, Omi shamo duck!

The menu also includes seasonal vegetables and hearth-baked dishes.

cooking hearth table

Not to mention the seared or broiled shamo duck.

shomo sasimi

shamo grill

Follow it up with a shamo stew! Duck, duck, duck!

shamo duck nabe

shamo duck on the hearth tableImage *The photo shows shamo duck for two.

There are many ways to enjoy the unique texture of this delicious meat!


The restaurant Yamaryu allows you to enjoy the flavors of the four seasons.

restaurant yamaryu

Enjoy a range of carefully prepared dishes in private rooms with tatami mats and tables or sunken kotatsu heaters.

yamaryu's private room

For this meal we ordered a "paper-pot special meal," made using an electromagnetic table.

You can also enjoy shabushabu-style thinly sliced, boiled slices of the king of Shiga ingredients, Omi beef!

The meat is so soft and sweet!

oumi beef

You'll also find plenty of other local ingredients being used, including red konjac and white "ninnegi" onions from Koka.

oumi beef Full course

The "Omi Beef Steak Special Set" is also recommended.

Just look at that delicious marbling!

oumi amazing beef

As well as steak sauce, it is also delicious accompanied by soy sauce flavored with condiments.

Condiment with oumi beef