Dining, Shopping,Higashi-Omi, Lake EastExperience the "deliciousness" of Shiga! Fill up on everything from juicy Omi beef to sumptuous desserts!

Experience the "deliciousness" of Shiga! Fill up on everything from juicy Omi beef to sumptuous desserts!

The epitome of fine dining in Shiga is Omi beef!

Here's where you can sample the best culinary experiences Shiga has to offer, from Omi beef specialists to fashionable shop-cafés.Take a stroll and tuck in!

① Oga Showten

The perfect place to start. Head over to Oga Showten in Omi-Hachiman!

oga syoten

This 150 year old house now contains no less than six different shops.

This 150 year old house

They include "antique nara*", featuring antique trinkets from across the world,

antique nara

"idea note", selling charming hand-crafted items,

charming hand-crafted

and "Suzuro", offering a selection of old stationery and books.

old stationery

This eclectic selection of retailers is rounded out by the hanko seal and stationery store "Koukoan" and steel-welding studio "BOND-YARD".

Last but not least, of course, comes the food; "Kodaimai Suiran" offers a delicious range of meals and desserts.


You can even place your order and then go to look around the other shops while your food is prepared!

Once everything is ready...


ancient rice

A delicious looking lunch is brought out for you!

The rice includes so-called "ancient rice" grown in Shiga! The menu is rotated daily, and all dishes are packed with local vegetables!

② Kokabu - Delicious desserts, directly managed by Kokabu Farm

The next stop has to be "Kokabu," located in Ryuo Town and directly managed by a local farm!


Enjoy delicious desserts made possible by their direct link with a dairy farm, including delicacies made with the freshest possible milk!

kogamai is desserts

You have to try the gelato! Milk is the most popular flavor!

the gelato

The fig rum-raisin and apricot milk look delicious too!

The "honey pudding" is recommended as a gift, made with a rich blend of fresh cream and eggs.

honey pudding

The full flavor and gentle sweetness form the perfect combination!

They also make and sell mature cheeses, a rarity in Shiga Prefecture.

 Rich fromage cheese

The cheeses come in a wide variety, including bathed in herb oil or as a dessert!

please come to kogamai


Next stop on the tour of tantalization? Vokko in Hikone!

vokko  store

This small venue is run by husband and wife close to the shores of Lake Biwa.

vokko is vintage item store

They handle vintage items from Northern Europe and sundries from across Japan and the world.

vintage cup

vintage  item

One corner is also given over to a café.

vokko's cafe space

vokko's owner

Enjoy some coffee from freshly ground beans, or tea from Northern Europe with a unique and gorgeous fragrance.

They also have a range of delectable home-made sweets, including tarts made using seasonal fruit and chocolate gâteau.

vokko's cake and coffee

Even the cups and plates are captivating. You'll savor every relaxing moment you spend here!

④Restaurant Sennaritei

Finally, dinner time! Restaurant Sennaritei will meet all your expectations!

Restaurant Sennaritei

This Omi beef-exclusive eatery is run by "Sennaritei," a butcher who've been in business for close to 80 years.

Sennaritei is 80 years old

Faced with their rich and diverse menu, here we've ordered the "Sukiyaki Special Set"!

amazing beef

All of their dishes use only A4 - A5 rank meat!

deliciaus beef

The soft, fragrant, perfectly flavored beef blends with the rich egg...

japanese sukiyaki

Perfection itself!

We also ordered some "Beef Toro-Nigiri." Sushi-style rice is topped with marbled beef that comprises just one percent of the entire cow.

beef sushi

Doesn't it look ready to just melt in your mouth?