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Hachiman-bori Canal

The Hachiman-bori Canal was a mainstay in regional economics and transportation until the start of the Showa period (1926 - 1989). White-walled storehouses and old houses stand along the canal, clearly imparting the atmosphere of the area at its peak. In recent years it has become a famous spot for sightseeing, with such features as the harbor being renovated. It is also a spot often used for filming TV shows and movies, and was recently featured in the live action adaptation of the popular anime "Rurouni Kenshin."
【Trip Report】

Address Vicinity of Miyauchi-cho, Omi-Hachiman City, Shiga
Inquiries Omi-Hachiman Station Tourist Information
Access JR Biwako Line Omi-Hachiman Station 12 min. by bus
Alight at the "Osugi-cho" bus stop

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