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Okishima island is located in the offing of Lake Biwa, approximately 1.5km from Omi-Hachiman City. It's the largest island found on the lake and is a registered Japan Heritage site. The population of around 350 people has also caught academic attention, due to the global rarity of people living on lake islands. Furthermore, this is the only location in Japan where a freshwater lake fishing industry has formed, and the lifestyle of the island is all important Cultural Heritage. There are also so many cats on the island that it is sometimes called the "Town of Cats."

Address Okishima-cho, Omi-Hachiman City, Shiga
Opening Hours 11 ships per day to Okishima (9 on Sunday)
Approx. 10 min. one way
Inquiries +81-748-36-5573
Access JR Biwako Line Omi-Hachiman Station by bus
Take the Kyukamura bound bus via Chomeiji Temple and alight at the "Horikiriko" bus stop. Take a ship from Horikiri Port to Okishima Fishing Port

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