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Travel Guide of Shiga Prefecture,Japan - go.biwako

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  • Ukimido Temple

    This temple is known for one of the Eight Views of Omi, Descending Geese at Katata “Katata no rakugan”. It is said that priest Eshinsouzu Genshin founded this temple in hope of safety on the lake and salvation by Buddha and the Bodhisattvas. "Sho-kannon" is enshrined in Kannon Hall (Avalokitesvara), and is designated as an important cultural property (not open to the public).

    Location Honkatata, Otsu City
    URL http://www.biwako-visitors.jp/search/spot.php?id=91


    Ukimido Temple
  • Biwako Valley

    This vast leisure place spreading around Mt. Hourai is known for ski resorts in winter and camping and hiking can be enjoyed here from spring to autumn. Outdoor leisure is offered throughout the year.

    Location Otsu City
    URL http://snow.gnavi.co.jp/en/r0254s.htm


    Biwako Valley
  • Kusatsu Mizunomori Lotus Pond

    A rare botanical garden in Japan, which collects aquatic plants. This garden has the largest number of water lilies in Japan. The beautiful gardens, decorated not only with waterweeds but also with seasonal flowers, can be enjoyed. Buddhism’s three major holy trees, including tropical water lily and sal, can be seen in blossom in the greenhouse even in winter.

    Location Oroshimo-cho, Kusatsu City
    URL http://www.seibu-la.co.jp/mizunomori/


    Kusatsu Mizunomori Lotus Pond
  • Kokokujunibou-no-mori

    The relaxation zone for mind and body including “Junibo Spa Yurara” as a core, which is equipped with multi-bath, birdie pool, family-use bath (when bathing assistance is necessary), a training room and a restaurant.

    Location Iwane, Konan City
    URL http://www.minami-group.jp/yurara/


  • Water Channel Tour

    A beautiful tour cruising Lake Nishinoko, which is connected to Lake Biwa, in a Japanese-style boat. Passengers can enjoy views along the water channel like a maze surrounded by reeds. Meals on the boat can also be ordered in advance.

    Location Kitanosho-cho, Omihachiman City and 4 other places
    URL http://www.omi8.com/annai/suigoumeguri.htm


    Water Channel Tour
  • Shiga Agricultural Park "Blumen Hugel Farm"

    An agriculture and culture-themed park modeled on a German town in the Middle Ages. Stepping into this village allows visitors to enjoy the reproduced townscape, flower gardens, horses and goats out at feed, hearth-baked bread, handmade sausage and local beer.

    Location Nishioji, Hino-cho
    URL http://www.blumenooka.jp/


    Shiga Agricultural Park "Blumen Hugel Farm"
  • Hands-on Exchange Agricultural Park "Agri Park Ryuo"

    This park is home to a variety of orchard,which grow fruits, such as strawberries, cherries, peaches, grapes, pears and persimmons, where visitors can enjoy fresh tastes in nature. This park is also provided with a direct retail shop, bakery, barbecue using Omi beef, petting zoo, agricultural film library and a ground golf course as visitor attractions.

    Location Yamanoue, Ryuo-cho,Gamou-gun
    URL http://www.biwa.ne.jp/~aguri-p/


    Hands-on Exchange Agricultural Park "Agri Park Ryuo"
  • Hikone Castle

    This castle as the domain of Hikone, where the Ii family lived. Ii Naosuke is a famous figure in the opening of Japan. It is one of 4 existing castles designated as a national treasure. In addition to the unique stone walls called "burdock piling” and three-storied pagoda with a beautiful curved roof, there are many attractions, such as the garden of the domain “Genkyuen”.

    Location Konki-cho, Hikone City
    URL http://www.hikoneshi.com/en/


    Hikone Castle
  • Chikubu Island

    One of Eight Views at Lake Biwa. Since the Middle Ages, this island has been designated as one of 3 major Benzaitens (Goddesses of Music) in Japan and has been visited by many worshippers. The island has Hogonji Temple and Tsukubusuma Shrine, allowing the Momoyama culture to be handed down.

    Location Chikubujima, Hayazaki-cho, Nagahama City
    URL http://www.nagahamashi.org/chikubushima/


    Chikubu Island
  • Mt. Ibuki

    This mountain is the highest in Shiga Prefecture (at an elevation of 1377 meters). Here, visitors can ski, climb the mountain and paraglide. From late-July to mid-Aug., the flower gardens around the peak are filled with subalpine plants in full-bloom.

    Location Ueno, Maibara City
    URL http://www.biwako-visitors.jp/search/spot.php?id=3775


    Mt. Ibuki