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  • Omi Jingu Shrine

    In this Shrine, Emperor Tenchi, who moved the capital to Otsu, was enshrined. The water clock stand and Omi Jingu Tokei Museum are located in the precincts in connection with the water clock created by him for the first time in Japan. A clock festival is held on June 10, the day called Time Day.

    Location Jingu-cho, Otsu City
    URL http://oumijingu.org
    Access 10-min. walk from Keihan Omi Jingu Stn., or 20-min. walk from JR Kosei Line Otsukyo Stn.
    Fees Admission free (in the precincts), Tokei Museum: 300 yen
    Business hours 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM (Tokei Museum)
    Days closed, etc. -
    Parking lots 200 cars (Parking for large vehicles is available.)
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